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Genealogy, Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts

Beverly surnames include:

Abbott, Adams, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Appleton, Arbuckle, Arnold, Ashby, Ashton, Babson, Batchelder, Baker, Babcock, Bailey, Balch, Barnes, Barr, Barett, Barry, Barter, Bartlett, Basie, Bates, Bean, Beckford, Bell, Bennett, Benson, Berry, Bickford, Biles, Bishop, Bisson, Black, Blacker, Blanchard, Blashfield, Blowers, Blyth, Boden, Bomer, Bond, Bootman, Bourne, Bowden, Bowles, Boyden, Boyles, Bradburn, Bradford, Bradshaw, Bradstreet, Bragdon,  Bragg, Bray, Brazil, Brew, Briant, Bridges, Brimmer, Brower, Brown, Bryant, Buckler, Buckman, Buffington, Bullock, Bunker, Burbank, Burchstead, Burk, Burke, Burley, Burnham, Burpee, Burrows, Busnell, Butler, Butman, Byles, Byley, Cabot, Calef, Caldwell, Calley, Campbell, Cant, Carey, Carrico, Carroll, Carter, Cary, Cave, Cavendish, Cavenier, Chace, Chadwick, Champney, Chapleman, Chapman, Charnoch, Cheever, Chipman, Choate, Chubb, Church, Clark, Claxton, Clayton, Cleaves, Clement, Clemons, Clerk, Coburn, Cody, Coggin, Coggswell, Colburn, Cole, Combs, Conant, Cook, Coombs, Coram, Cordwell, Corning, Corral, Cox, Coye, Craft, Crampsey, Creesy, Crockett, Crombie, Cross, Crowley, Cue, Currell, Curry, Currier, Curtain, Curtis, Cutler, Cutter, Dale, Dame, Dane, Darby, Davis, Day, Dean, Dedman, Deland, Dempsy, Dennis, Derby, Dike, Dixey, Dodge, Doggett, Dole, Dove, Dow, Dowling, Down, Drinker, Driver, Dudley, Dunham, Dyke, Dyson, Easte, Eaton, Eborns, Eden, Edwards, Egan, Eldridge, Ellinwood,  Elliot, Ellis, Ellwell, Emerson,  Endicott, English, Evans, Evelith, Farris, Fatal, Feilder, Fellows, Felton, Fergerson, Fielder, Fifield, Filden, Fillmore, Fisk, Flagg, Flint, Floyd, Fluant, Folson, Foote, Ford, Fornis, Foster, Fowler, Francis, Frankland, French, Friend, Frost, Fuller, Gage, Gale, Gallaway, Gallison, Gallop, Galloupe, Gardner, Garland, Geare, Gentlee, Giddings, Gifford, Giles, Glidden, Glover, Gold, Goldsbury, Goodhue, Goodrich, Goodridge, Goodwin,  Gordon, Gould, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greenwood, Griffin, Griggs, Grimes, Groce, Gross, Grover, Groves, Grush,  Guild, Guippy, Gyles, Hadlock, Hale, Hall, Ham, Hammond, Hanners, Hardy, Hardie, Harlow, Harmon, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Harvey,  Haseltine, Haskell, Hatch, Hathorne, Hayes, Hayward, Hazeltine, Hazen, Hebbert, Henderson, Hennesey, Heron, Herrick, Highsale, Hildreth, Hill, Hilton, Hinkley, Hitchings, Hix, Hoag, Hoar, Hobbs, Hogan, Holt, Homan, hood, Hoogerzeil, Hoop, Hopper, Horrell, Hoskins, Hovey, How, Howard, Howe, Howlett, hoyt, Hubert, Hull, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurley, Ingersoll, Ives, Jackson, Jamison, Jeffords, Jenness, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Josephs, Kemball, Kennison, Kenny, Kent, Kerry, Kettle, Kilham, Kimball, Kinsman, Kittle, Kittredge, Knight, Knowlton, Lagro, Lakeman, Lamson, Lancaster, lane, Langdell, Larabee, Larcom, Laskey, Leach, LeCody, Lee, Leech, Lefavour, Lemon, Lennon, Leslie, Lewis, Lincoln, Little, Littlefield, Long, Lord,  Loring, Lovett, Low, Ludden, Lufkin, Lummus, Lunt, Lynch, McCormack, McKeen, Mclallen, Majory, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Marble, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mascoll, Mason, Masury, Mattenley, Matthews, Maxcey, Maxfield, Maxwell, May, Meacom, Mears, Meecham, Meek, Messervey, Mighorst, Miller, Millet, Millikin, Montgomery, Monier, Moore, Morgan, Morrill, Morse, Moses, Moulton, Mudge, Muncey, Munroe, Murry, Mylon, Nash, Needham, Neves, Newbury, Newcomb, Nicholls, Norris, Norton, norwood, Nourse, Noyes, Oakman, Obear, Ober, Odell, Odlin, Ogelvie, Oliphant, Oliver, Osborn, Osman, Osmond, Outein, Overs, Page, Palmer, Parker, Parlor, Parnal, Parrot, Parsons, Patch, Patterson, Peabody, Pearson, Pedrick, Peirce, Pennell, Perkins, Perry,  Pert, Phelps, Philbrook, Pickard, Pickett, Pickman, Pickworth, Pike, Pindar, Pitman, Plummer, Poland, Pollard, Poole, Poor, Porter, Potter, Pousland, Prescott, Preston, Price, Pride, Prince, Proctor, Pulsifer, Putman, Quartermass, Quiner, Paleigh, Rand, Rantoul, Ray, Rayment, Raymond, Rea, Read, Reading, Remmond, Reynolds, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Roots, Rose, Ross, Roundy, Runnells, Russell, rutland, Safford, Sallows, Sampson, Samuel, Sanborn, Sanders, Sanderson, Sands, Sargent, Saunders, Savory, Sawyer, Saxby, Scampton, Searles, Sears, Seawasrd, Selamn, Sergant, Servey, Seward, Sewell,  Shaw, Sheldon, Sherman, Sheilds, Sikes, Silver, Simons, Skerry, Skidmore, Slew, Smith, Solaris, Southwick, Spafford, Spaulding, Spencer, Spiller, Spiney, Spriggs, Springer, Stacey, Standley, Steel, Stephens, Steward, Stickland, Stickney, Stocker, Stone, Story, Stott, Stowe, Stricker, Sugden, Sumner, Swarton, Sykes, Symmes, Symmons, Tapley, Tarble, Tarbox, Taylor, Thissell, Thomas, Thompson, Thorkdike, Thurston, Tibbets, Tittle, Torrey, Toulan Tovy, Towne, Trask, Tree, Treelance, Trophater, Trout, Trow, Trussell, Tuck, Tucker, Turner, Twiss, Utsen, Vannam, Very, Vickery, Vincent, Wadden, Waite, Wakefield, Walden, Wales, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Walter, Waltham, Ward, Warters, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webber,  Webster, Weeks, Welch, Wells, Wendell, Wentworth, West, Weston, Wheller, Whippler, White, Whiterage, Whitmarsh, Whitney, Whitridge, Whittemore, Wiggin, Wilburn, Wilkins, Willard, Willet, Williams, Wilson, Winn, Withey, Wood, Woodbury, Wooden, Woodman, Woods, Worsley, Wroten, Wright, Wyatt, Wyer, Wyman, Yarrington, Yates, Yeat, York, Young...




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Curious About your New England Ancestors?

bulletCan't get to Massachusetts to track down those missing Great Grandparents?
bulletWant to join the DAR, or be a member of the Mayflower Society?
bulletIs there a "Salem Witch" in your family tree?
bulletWho were your ancestors and how did they live?
bulletNeed someone to look up that birth record or marriage record?
bulletWant a picture of an ancestors gravestone?
bulletHow about a picture of the old family homestead?

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bullet[Dad and Mom and my maternal grandparents during W.W.II, note the "star flag in the window".

My Mission  

bulletFor the last 12 years I have been providing historical and genealogical research data for my clients.
bulletI have a great knowledge of most of the major New England families, having traced many of their lines from the 20th century to their immigrant ancestor. To paraphrase an old political line, "all Genealogy is local".    If you are looking for data on your ancestor in Texas, call someone in Texas.  
bulletI only accept research assignments from clients looking for data on New England families.   My main area of expertise is Essex County, Massachusetts families.
bulletIf you have an ancestor from Beverly, MA [part of Salem, MA prior to 1668] I may be able to provide you with extra services. I may be able to locate the following data.
bulletGravestone photos
bulletPerson photos
bulletGAR photos
bulletHomestead photos [Known residence(s) of your ancestor during their life.]
bulletChurch Records
bulletBirth, marriage, and death certificates
bulletDiaries, journals, old letters, and photo copies of family information from Bibles.

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