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Genealogy, Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts

Beverly surnames include:

Abbott, Adams, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Appleton, Arbuckle, Arnold, Ashby, Ashton, Babson, Batchelder, Baker, Babcock, Bailey, Balch, Barnes, Barr, Barett, Barry, Barter, Bartlett, Basie, Bates, Bean, Beckford, Bell, Bennett, Benson, Berry, Bickford, Biles, Bishop, Bisson, Black, Blacker, Blanchard, Blashfield, Blowers, Blyth, Boden, Bomer, Bond, Bootman, Bourne, Bowden, Bowles, Boyden, Boyles, Bradburn, Bradford, Bradshaw, Bradstreet, Bragdon,  Bragg, Bray, Brazil, Brew, Briant, Bridges, Brimmer, Brower, Brown, Bryant, Buckler, Buckman, Buffington, Bullock, Bunker, Burbank, Burchstead, Burk, Burke, Burley, Burnham, Burpee, Burrows, Busnell, Butler, Butman, Byles, Byley, Cabot, Calef, Caldwell, Calley, Campbell, Cant, Carey, Carrico, Carroll, Carter, Cary, Cave, Cavendish, Cavenier, Chace, Chadwick, Champney, Chapleman, Chapman, Charnoch, Cheever, Chipman, Choate, Chubb, Church, Clark, Claxton, Clayton, Cleaves, Clement, Clemons, Clerk, Coburn, Cody, Coggin, Coggswell, Colburn, Cole, Combs, Conant, Cook, Coombs, Coram, Cordwell, Corning, Corral, Cox, Coye, Craft, Crampsey, Creesy, Crockett, Crombie, Cross, Crowley, Cue, Currell, Curry, Currier, Curtain, Curtis, Cutler, Cutter, Dale, Dame, Dane, Darby, Davis, Day, Dean, Dedman, Deland, Dempsy, Dennis, Derby, Dike, Dixey, Dodge, Doggett, Dole, Dove, Dow, Dowling, Down, Drinker, Driver, Dudley, Dunham, Dyke, Dyson, Easte, Eaton, Eborns, Eden, Edwards, Egan, Eldridge, Ellinwood,  Elliot, Ellis, Ellwell, Emerson,  Endicott, English, Evans, Evelith, Farris, Fatal, Feilder, Fellows, Felton, Fergerson, Fielder, Fifield, Filden, Fillmore, Fisk, Flagg, Flint, Floyd, Fluant, Folson, Foote, Ford, Fornis, Foster, Fowler, Francis, Frankland, French, Friend, Frost, Fuller, Gage, Gale, Gallaway, Gallison, Gallop, Galloupe, Gardner, Garland, Geare, Gentlee, Giddings, Gifford, Giles, Glidden, Glover, Gold, Goldsbury, Goodhue, Goodrich, Goodridge, Goodwin,  Gordon, Gould, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greenwood, Griffin, Griggs, Grimes, Groce, Gross, Grover, Groves, Grush,  Guild, Guippy, Gyles, Hadlock, Hale, Hall, Ham, Hammond, Hanners, Hardy, Hardie, Harlow, Harmon, Harrington, Harris, Hart, Harvey,  Haseltine, Haskell, Hatch, Hathorne, Hayes, Hayward, Hazeltine, Hazen, Hebbert, Henderson, Hennesey, Heron, Herrick, Highsale, Hildreth, Hill, Hilton, Hinkley, Hitchings, Hix, Hoag, Hoar, Hobbs, Hogan, Holt, Homan, hood, Hoogerzeil, Hoop, Hopper, Horrell, Hoskins, Hovey, How, Howard, Howe, Howlett, hoyt, Hubert, Hull, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurley, Ingersoll, Ives, Jackson, Jamison, Jeffords, Jenness, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Josephs, Kemball, Kennison, Kenny, Kent, Kerry, Kettle, Kilham, Kimball, Kinsman, Kittle, Kittredge, Knight, Knowlton, Lagro, Lakeman, Lamson, Lancaster, lane, Langdell, Larabee, Larcom, Laskey, Leach, LeCody, Lee, Leech, Lefavour, Lemon, Lennon, Leslie, Lewis, Lincoln, Little, Littlefield, Long, Lord,  Loring, Lovett, Low, Ludden, Lufkin, Lummus, Lunt, Lynch, McCormack, McKeen, Mclallen, Majory, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Marble, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mascoll, Mason, Masury, Mattenley, Matthews, Maxcey, Maxfield, Maxwell, May, Meacom, Mears, Meecham, Meek, Messervey, Mighorst, Miller, Millet, Millikin, Montgomery, Monier, Moore, Morgan, Morrill, Morse, Moses, Moulton, Mudge, Muncey, Munroe, Murry, Mylon, Nash, Needham, Neves, Newbury, Newcomb, Nicholls, Norris, Norton, norwood, Nourse, Noyes, Oakman, Obear, Ober, Odell, Odlin, Ogelvie, Oliphant, Oliver, Osborn, Osman, Osmond, Outein, Overs, Page, Palmer, Parker, Parlor, Parnal, Parrot, Parsons, Patch, Patterson, Peabody, Pearson, Pedrick, Peirce, Pennell, Perkins, Perry,  Pert, Phelps, Philbrook, Pickard, Pickett, Pickman, Pickworth, Pike, Pindar, Pitman, Plummer, Poland, Pollard, Poole, Poor, Porter, Potter, Pousland, Prescott, Preston, Price, Pride, Prince, Proctor, Pulsifer, Putman, Quartermass, Quiner, Paleigh, Rand, Rantoul, Ray, Rayment, Raymond, Rea, Read, Reading, Remmond, Reynolds, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Roots, Rose, Ross, Roundy, Runnells, Russell, rutland, Safford, Sallows, Sampson, Samuel, Sanborn, Sanders, Sanderson, Sands, Sargent, Saunders, Savory, Sawyer, Saxby, Scampton, Searles, Sears, Seawasrd, Selamn, Sergant, Servey, Seward, Sewell,  Shaw, Sheldon, Sherman, Sheilds, Sikes, Silver, Simons, Skerry, Skidmore, Slew, Smith, Solaris, Southwick, Spafford, Spaulding, Spencer, Spiller, Spiney, Spriggs, Springer, Stacey, Standley, Steel, Stephens, Steward, Stickland, Stickney, Stocker, Stone, Story, Stott, Stowe, Stricker, Sugden, Sumner, Swarton, Sykes, Symmes, Symmons, Tapley, Tarble, Tarbox, Taylor, Thissell, Thomas, Thompson, Thorkdike, Thurston, Tibbets, Tittle, Torrey, Toulan Tovy, Towne, Trask, Tree, Treelance, Trophater, Trout, Trow, Trussell, Tuck, Tucker, Turner, Twiss, Utsen, Vannam, Very, Vickery, Vincent, Wadden, Waite, Wakefield, Walden, Wales, Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Walter, Waltham, Ward, Warters, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webber,  Webster, Weeks, Welch, Wells, Wendell, Wentworth, West, Weston, Wheller, Whippler, White, Whiterage, Whitmarsh, Whitney, Whitridge, Whittemore, Wiggin, Wilburn, Wilkins, Willard, Willet, Williams, Wilson, Winn, Withey, Wood, Woodbury, Wooden, Woodman, Woods, Worsley, Wroten, Wright, Wyatt, Wyer, Wyman, Yarrington, Yates, Yeat, York, Young...




Frequently Asked Questions

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bulletDo you do research for free?

This is a professional service. Just as with any other profession I must charge a fee for my services. [Note: See below my NEW Limited Money Back Guarantee and Client Testimonials]

bulletHow far back does your research go?

I will attempt to research your New England family line back only to the immigrant ancestor, if possible.  For research "across the pond" I would recommend you find a genealogist from that county, or one who specializes in research of the families of the country in question.

bulletWhat area's of the United States will you research?

I do not normally take on assignments unless I think the records I need will be locally available.  This restricts my research to the greater New England area. I like to equate looking for a family or historical researcher with looking for a doctor.  If you had a broken foot you would not go to a dentist!  Therefore, I can best help you if your primary search is for a missing ancestor from Massachusetts. If your family came from Europe and landed in San Francisco, CA, I would suggest you find a genealogist on the "left coast".


bulletWhat will you find on my ancestors?

There is no way of knowing what will be found, or how much will be found without doing the research itself.  Every "family tree" is unique from the next - with interesting "branches" and research pitfalls.  Therefore there can be no guarantee of successful results.

bulletWhat do I need to do, to get this research started, and what  will this cost me?

First e-mail me your request to so I can see if it is an assignment I will accept. NOTE:  Please put "GENEALOGY DETECTIVE" in the subject field. 

So that the client will remain happy I will not take on assignments that I consider "outside my area of expertise" geographically or otherwise.   Please DO NOT TELEPHONE ME prior to e-mailing me your initial request. Once I have an idea of your research needs I then require a $ 40.00 prepaid, fee for the initial 2 hour search and report.  

new1zer.gif (1680 bytes) Limited money back guarantee.

Anyone will tell you there is no guarantee I will find any or all the data you seek, but... I will guarantee that if I do not find any new data on your ancestor, [beyond that which you provide to me at the start of the assignment] during the initial 2 hour search, I WILL RETURN YOUR $40.00 check.

I am so confident of my ability to judge research assignments prior to requesting the research prepayment, that I can make this offer to my new clients.   In 2001 I only had to returned one check to a client.  My reputation is worth much more than your $40.  I'll take a look for that missing ancestor, with no risk on your part. Should the search comes up completely empty you get your $40 check returned. Of course I cannot guarantee I will find everything you request in the first two hours, but I will not keep money from clients if I am completely unsuccessful.  No new data - you get your $40 check back.  Fair enough? [Still not convinced? Check out what other clients have said, in some e-mails listed below, under "Client Testimonials"]

PLEASE!!! DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY UNTIL I HAVE ACCEPTED THE RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT!  All checks and money orders are paid to the order of Stephen P. Hall and mailed to my U.S. Mailing address which I will provide in the initial e-mail reply.  After this initial search I will then decide if more research is recommended.  All additionally research is prepaid at a rate of $ 20 per hour. 

Please provide as much information as you have, and I'll take it from there! (Basically, I need the name and birth or death place and date of the ancestor(s) you want researched).  Please indicate the detail you request. [Example:  Some clients want only the direct line researched for the main surname.  Others want all connecting lines, siblings, and their spouse's etc.  Some clients want photos, grave locations etc.  Let me know what you need!]

More Questions???? e-mail me at

Please include the words "Genealogy Detective" in the subject field so my e-mail sorter will catch your important message!


Below are a collection of testimonials from some of my clients:

Thank you, Mr. Hall. 

Received your package and it was most interesting.  I appreciate your assistance and outstanding work.  Many of my myths have been put away and I know more. 

J. Augustine


Dear Stephen Hall,

Thank you for your work.  Let me work with it for a while and digest it.  This is very helpful.  God bless you.  

M. Annis


Dear Mr. Hall,

Thank you again for your efforts. I am more than pleased with the results. Yes, some of the facts you revealed are known to me from family discussions when I was growing up, like Uncle Charlie having a cigar box with diamonds covering the bottom of the box. As the saying goes, "The check is in the mail" and yours will truly be in the mail. You have provided a trail for me to follow that was cold until now.

J. A. Hess


Dear Stephen,

I am grateful for your honesty and professionalism.   I have indeed checked the local histories plus Felts (I went previously to the Worcester Antiquarian Society). I wish you the very best of everything in the future.

J. Barney


You are awesome. I thank you so much. What a wonderful person you are to send me this information. I will remember you in my prayers and intentions. Thank you so much, God bless

- The little tug


Great Work! Go ahead with the additional work you prescribed. I'll draft and send a check ASAP.

M. Haley


Thank you very, very, much....................You are a walking encyclopedia!

D. Driscoll

[Below is a photo of my paternal Great Grandmother, Eurena "Rena" Crowell, born 10 Jan 1858 in Kemptville, N.S. Canada and died in Beverly, MA on 7 Jun 1926]

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